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About Joel Michalec

Joel, among other things, is a former mobile disc jockey entertainer having worked in the field for twenty-three years and has been broadcasting on Internet and AM talk radio for the past fourteen years. Mixing his passion for talk radio with his wit and experiences, Joel has produced five programs for various stations and has interviewed some of the most influential people in entertainment, news and politics.

About The Lovely Sharen

Sharen has the esteemed pleasure of being the wife of the greatest host in radio history, Joel Michalec. Besides being a fantastic partner on the program, Sharen holds a Masters in Business and Marketing and she was once a co-host on the number one rated show on the QYB Radio Network “Chick Chat”. Now she joins her spouse on the Joel Michalec Show Featuring The Lovely Sharen bringing her charm and her wit and reminding folks of just how funny Joel is.

About “The Joel Michalec Show Featuring The Lovely Sharen”

After ten years producing various Internet radio talk programs, including The Behind The Mike Show, Joel Michalec put everything onto the shelf and took a step back. When he returned, he brought a new concept and a whole new brand; The Joel Michalec Show Featuring The Lovely Sharen. The program is a mix of comedy, wit, news and stories that are important to everyday life. New episodes of the podcast drop each Sunday!

About “How Stuff’s Done”

“How Stuff’s Done” is a series of video shorts developed by Joel Michalec. When the word “adulting” arrived on the scene and was being hash-tagged by millennials to demonstrate their “delayed development”, it seemed apparent from watching millennials struggle with opening canned goods that someone needed to do something. Therefore, the show is billed as “A witty yet simple approach to getting things done”. Hopefully, Joel can help out these poor adults. Show Start Date TBD

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